Social listening allows companies to listen to what people are saying globally across social media. It can help you listen to your customers and analyze what they are saying on social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and blogs. Microsoft Social Engagement is making it easier to understand who is talking, what people are saying and providing a direct way to respond.

Microsoft social listening features:

  • Top influencer tracking lets you see who is talking most about your topic
  • Identify positive and negative sentiments across social media platforms
  • Respond to individual posts from within Microsoft social listening
  • Early warning alerts to quickly identify customer issues and trends
  • Interactive, visual analytics for easy insights and understanding

Social Listening in the different modules:


Social Listening can be used for campaign monitoring. This is basically understanding what people think of your marketing messages on social media in real time. You can also learn what people feel about your business and keep track of who is most actively talking about your brand.


Social listening can be used for target accounting. It is also used for competitive intelligence- gaining important insight about your competitors. Social listening spots purchasing signals and generates leads from the social web.

Customer Service

Social listening produces real time alerts. It quickly identifies customer issues and trends.  It facilitates engagement with customers and the resolution of issues across the internet. It tracks social posts from within the customer relationship management system.

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