Workflows and business process flows allow simple or complex automation of tasks that can make a significant difference to an organization. They automate business processes without a user interface. Workflows can run on both custom and out-of-box entities. They can be initiated manually and automatically.

A workflow can ‘fire off’ based on the specific triggers formulated by the user.

Some activities that can be triggered are: an email, update and a task. The activities would be executed automatically for a particular lead after reaching a desired place in the sales cycle.



A guide for users is provided by business process flows. Business process flows lead people through steps that the organization has defined. The experience can be tailored so that people with different security roles can have an experience that best fits the work they do. Business process flow is a map to users to show them what they need to be doing next. This allows management to visually see where they are in the different processes and see what steps have been done.

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